Download Iranian book of game producers

Download the Iranian book of game producers from the official website of Iran's Presidential Development Technology.
EksirTech company info is in page 38
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EksirTech company presence at Digital media exhibition

Digital Media exhibition is the largest software and games exhibition held annually in Iran.
The EksirTech company has introduced its crow jumping mobile game
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EksirTech company presence at TGC exhibition

The TGC event was attended by Iranian and global game companies on july 6,7th - 2017
The EksirTech company has introduced its online(MMO) and mobile games to global game companies same as : Creative mobile , Netmarble , THQ Nordic , tamatem , Xendex , ORANGE , Famobi , Active Gaming Media , DESTINY.GAMES , , VNG & ...

Brief of EksirTech

The software group of EksirTech is active in the field of computer games and software for about 14 years
Mobile j2me to android and ios
windows , mac , linux
Game development, independent of the engine
Game by Flash and Air , To game development by Unity and UDK engine
Combining the power of programming languages and frameworks, channels of communication,and different systems with each other, such as php, java, action script, C#,unity,flash,android,web,...
Innovation and research and creation
A variety of products such as:
Online-mmo game - Adventure game - Multiplayer game - Action game - Casual game - 2D-3D game and software - Augmented reality,AR - Real time game - Image Processing - 2D,3D Multimedia and Learning software - 2D-3D Animation - motion graphic - stop motion - ANE - Robotic - BMS ,...
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